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Our History

Founded in August 1999, Springfield Kennel has since become one of the most important kennels in the GTA area. We specialize in breeding German shepherd and English Pointer dogs. We also supply all kinds of dogs upon demand.

The kennel is also a dog training school. We provide obedience, agility, defense, and search article training. Another service we offer is hunting dog training. We have gained extensive experience and reputation in our training methods. Our satisfied customers are happy to recommend us; their positive feedback adds to our good reputation.

Our boarding facilities include healthy meals, clean dog houses, and runs. Special care in exercise and sun exposure is given to all dogs.

We provide a wide range of dog accessories that include different types of food, toys, leashes and others. Other hard accessories like Schutzhund sports articles are imported directly from Germany, France and Belgium. Trusted veterinary services also provided for all dogs.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best breeds of dogs available in the world.